It Only Takes One

When it comes to working with critters there is always the chase for that rare or allusive subject and during that chase it is easy to overlook whats right in front of you. The thrill of seeing what else might be down the road is what keeps the spirit alive. Well sometimes it’s better to stay put.

I encounter this issue a lot, especially when I’m down in Yellowstone and the allure of continuing on is very real. The other day I ran into this dilemma when I found these two Trumpeter Swans on the Yellowstone River. The truth is it only takes one good subject to make the day worthwhile and staying put can be the best way to make that happen. These two were very cooperative, the right one not even caring about me as it was asleep most of the time. Even as the shutter of the D5, with the 600f/4 and TC-17EII, going off they were pretty content on their patch of ice. These Trumpeter Swans always amaze me. How they can contort that neck and stay comfortable still fascinates me.

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