Never Forget the Going Away Shot

A really common mistake I see is photographers putting the camera down too soon. Once the peak of action shot has passed there is nothing left to shoot and that’s wrong. A prime example of this in aviation is the tail shot.

Every plane has a unique design and it can be seen from all angles, not just head on. The tail shot is just as interesting as a head on pass given the right composition. This F7F Tigercat is obviously a Tigercat given the shape of the plane. Even though it’s small in the frame everyone knows it. The rest of the image tells the story. The cloudy skies, the little puff of smoke, and the plane climbing. It tells a story even if it’s not full frame and from the front. So a simple way to improve your photography is to keep shooting even after the peak of action because there might still be one more photo out there.

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