Big Drama means Big Images

There are many different ways to showcase the natural world around us in a landscape image. Whether it’s going in tight or staying out wide, color or black and white, there are many ways to express in the viewfinder what you are seeing with your eyes. One way that I have truly come to enjoy this is by taking multiple images and combining for a pano. Adobe Camera Raw has made this really easy and most important really enjoyable!


Paradise Valley is a great place for a pano. Situated between the Gallatin Mountains and the Absaroka Wilderness, Paradise Valley has been known for years as a great spot for landscapes and for critters. The beautiful light that fills the valley makes it attractive for everybody. Shooting with the D5 and 24-70 f/2.8, this three image pano was a simple click with the dramatic clouds and great oxbow foreground. Since there was more drama and the low dynamic range the scenario screamed black and white and thats just the treatment it got.

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