Active Canines

When it comes to Yellowstone everyone thinks about the iconic critters, like the wolves and grizzly bears, but the ones that are around most often are the ones that get overlooked. Coyote’s are a great example. While they roam throughout the whole park they are rarely seen in family groups but can be seen as in both groups and singles. While they are mostly scavengers they do go after mice, rabbits and other small game.

The coyotes have been quite active this winter with multiple sightings of multiple individuals. The downside of coyotes in the park is that they tend to be a little shy. Often times the best way to photograph them is to setup head of them and wait for them to come to you. They tend not to like it when you come up on them. This individual was on the move walking the river looking for the net meal. Simple click with the D5 and 200-400 VR.

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