A New Twist to the Hot Springs

Have you ever photographed something so many times that you start to think about new ways to make it interesting? This thought was going through my mind when I was photographing Mammoth Hot Springs last week. I have spent many days over the years at these springs and have worked them on some truly beautiful days and some hideous days. As a result I have learned a few things about that spot. In this case I figured I’d try something new.

Mammoth Hot Springs is known for the steam and the brilliant colors that come from the bacteria growth in the water. It truly is beautiful under the rights conditions. What are those conditions? Really cold but sunny days. The sun brings out the color and the cold brings out the steam. On this day we had neither and the whole scene seemed more gloomy then anything else. So with the D5 and 70-200 VRII, I looked for patterns in the contrast between the snow, the trees and the geothermal. It’s a different take on a place photographed so many times.

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