Working that One Light

It’s not always easy to be inspired to shoot when the whole sky is nothing but a grey cloud. It happens a lot in the mountains especially the further north you go and sometimes you just have to get over it. It only takes a few seconds where the light pops through and then that whole wait and searching becomes worth it. It only takes that one little light.

Now that Bozeman is back in the swing of having days of nothing but cloudy skies I think about the need to go versus the expected results. After many many trips out and not capturing anything because of the dark boring sky I can honestly say it can be disheartening. But occasionally, and last year proved that for me, there are moments that make it all worth while. This particular shot wasn’t planned but merely was the result of driving around with a camera in the lap chasing the light. You’d be surprised what you can come up with by driving around.

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