Long Lenses and Landscapes

Your longest lens maybe better for landscapes then anyone has ever told you about. A long lens, not a 70-200 but a 200-400 or bigger can be a great tool when it comes to landscapes. Not only does the extra focal length allow you to isolate small pockets of dramatic light but the nature of that glass combined with a shallow depth of field will really compress everything in your composition. This combo can lead to some very interesting images.

Finding blog material isn’t always easy but sometimes it comes to you. This is one of those times. I was watching the storm of the Bridger Mountains all day and wouldn’t you know this one small spec of light opened up. 200-400 and the D5 was all that I needed to capture this brief moment and as you can see besides the little bit of light on the peak the rest of the sky just kinda sucked. So long lens technique for Landscapes should be in your arsenal.

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