Fall Color and Snow

Whenever someone says fall color the mind instantly goes to leaves. Mine doesn’t. I think about the geothermal’s that exist in Yellowstone because in the Fall there is more visible activity coming from the geothermal then there is Summer. The colder temps make for more dramatic compositions and the colors can be just as striking as the fall color. For instance the vents at upper Mammoth Hot Springs.

The bacteria that grows in the geothermal’s create a range of different colors and the fallen debris inside the geothermal’s creates some unusal textures. Leaves, branches, even animals all break down in the boiling water and the results are well, interesting. It’s a lot like looking at another planet. Photographically there are many ways to work with this type of subject from a macro to a wide angle, being so bright and colorful the viewers eye will go to it no matter what. The downside is you can’t really use a tripod in Yellowstone because the boardwalks have to remain passable. It’s a little easier in winter time when you go out on a private tour when the park’s roads are closed but thats another post.

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