It’s Time For a Change!

Welcome to my new website! I have had the great joy of being able to share my knowledge of photography with others. I started my blog in 2008. It has been ten years in the making and there is still much more to do. Over the course of the years I have changed my themes multiple times but this time is a much bigger update then just the theme. The .org site is no longer functioning and a redirect is in place bringing everyone here to the .com site. Beyond that big change there is now more areas of content to explore.


The headers still redirect to all blog posts I put up, with the current blog posts being shown on the bottom of home page. While I will continue to blog, the big new areas are these seven categories. Each one will have content specific to those areas to help improve your photography. Over time they will gradually be updated with text, photos and videos. There is also a video slider now with all the current videos I have done up on home page.

I have done my best to inspire and educate others throughout the years and my hope is that this new platform will continue to do that.


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