This is Why YOU Have to Update

Everything about this business changes gradually over time and we have to adapt to those changes if we want to stay in business. It’s really easy to just nod along and say, “well yea that’s obvious.” Well actually putting it into practice is a lot harder. A blog or website is a great example for this practice but beyond a face lift why is it so important to update?


In today’s world an online presence is a must. It’s not even a must, it’s basically a death sentence to not have anything. Over time the internet changes and eventually everything that was good slowly degrades. The standard for a website or blog is to do a facelift every three years, partly because it shows you care about your online presence but mainly because that’s how long it takes for coding to degrade. Coding does change everyday but at three years you’ll really see a difference. When I updated my platform the difference was night and day. The speed and versatility makes a huge difference. Another great example is the use of flash. A few years back that was a big deal but on a blog today it’s a dead tool. That right there is something that if you used it you have to change it. I did.

So besides the technology part of the update there’s the increase in content both in need of and desire to show off. In theory as time goes on you will be shooting more, the digital library will grow and a need to show off that content will expand. Themes change daily and the ones today are far better then yesterday. This provides more options to display your content and grow your audience.

Next up is the fact that your preference when you launched your site might be very different then versus today. As we grow as photographers are tastes generally change and thus our results change. That’s part of experiencing more and more as we go out and bringing that back with us. This goes the same for how we want to display that change.

Lastly I must reiterate what I said in the beginning. You have to care. It can get very hard at times, feeling that constant need to create content but it’s always rewarding in the end.

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