Why you need to use Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio has been out for a while now and having used it for my own personal gallery, I can honestly say that it’s pretty cool. Creating a gallery for any website is a pain in the butt. It’s difficult finding a way to showcase lots of images that are not only safe but is also easy to change as time goes on. Adobe has made this possible for us.

Adobe Portfolio is available for free to anyone who is already a Creative Cloud subscriber. If you’re not then you can purchase it for $9.99 a month. One of the best parts of the app is that Adobe uses it’s own servers so you don’t have to use up your own space uploading photos. For any of you that have gone through this process in the past then you know how valuable that space is.

Customizing the portfolio is pretty simple but can be a little clunky if you’re used to WordPress. It’s not the same coding which takes a little bit of playing around with to get used to. Scott Kelby did a course on Adobe Portfolio if you’re a Kelbyone member then it’s worth your time watching.

So why is it worth your time? Well not only is it easy to integrate it into your website but once your Portfolio is published a separate unique URL is created which can be very useful.

Lightroom 6 Announced Today

For those that might not have heard already, Adobe announced today that Lightroom 6 is now available. You can purchase them from B&H separately if you are not a Adobe Creative Cloud member. If you want to learn all the new things that are going on inside Lightroom, Scott and RC are doing live webcasts today that cover all the new features. Click Here to see the schedule for today.

Lightroom 6

These are the B&H links for Lightroom 6 on DVD and on download.

Speaking at the Adobe Booth

I am happy to announce that this September at Photoshop World I will be giving my first presentation at none other than the Adobe Booth. I am so excited and a little bit anxious but it’s going to be fun. The topic I’m going to be talking about is what I like to call Light painting in Camera Raw. Now I’ve been talking with the amazing Russell Brown and we agreed that little preview would also be fun. So all this week I will be talking about what I do and how the adjustment brush in Camera Raw can be your best friend. To get things started here’s a quick example.


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