Final shoot


The final shoot is here already and it is a great one. We went up to Marine Headwaters and shot down on the Golden Gate Bridge with the fog rolling in and the light filling the bay with its beauty. We stood and watched for hours as the multitude of cars went by and the images flooded in. The angle of the light to the bridge never changed thus we never, so basically the whole night was standing shooting the bridge form one angle with different variants of light. The only difference is the compositions and that way we all decided to edit the image in post.


With this in mind, you  might be asking why i posted these two images. Well i wanted you too see the differences in the light on the bridge, one of the shots is with natural light and the other is the light emanating form the bridge itself. The cars are giving off light too but are too blurred out and are only seen as streaks. It may seem like a simple comparison but its key to start noticing these things now, for greater purposes later.

Images captures with D3, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

In the redwood jungle


Wednesday morning was spent in Muir Woods, a really cool place with many spectacular opportunities if one knows where to look. The challenge with the woods is the range of light varies dramatically between the highlights and shadows and in order to capture that light with losing information HDR or flash on close subject matter is normally best. Now to be honest i haven’t ever composed an HDR photograph, so far everything has been straight shots. These two images are just that.


It’s nothing against that style merely a tool that i don’t know well enough to be using effectively nor to be trying to teach to other people. What i can teach is how to pick out subject matter that looks engaging that doesn’t have that wide range of light and can be taken in one shot. Anything that is not to dark or to bright with dark backgrounds is going to turn out fine without losing information. In the first shot you can see information lost in some of the tress but not the main ones i wanted to emphasize. In a forest like this one being selective is crucial.

Images captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

Pirates A’Hoy


This morning we went to Treasure island and it was as predicted to be, raining. Not just a little raining but a lot raining. Did that stop us dedicated photographers, no! Rain is no problem for us. The cameras are built to handle the rain so why can’t we pansy ass photographers handle it to. It was a damn good morning to be out. The sky cleared up just enough so that we got the glow over the city without that yucky gray sky look. It was great, could not have asked for a better morning.


In case you were wondering if those were words on the bottom right of the image the answer is no. It is actually car lights that are moving and are blurred together, i know it looks a little odd i was a bit confused by it at first too. I apparently moved slightly, i must still be off my game. It was still a good morning and i think it’s safe to say that everyone, despite the moisture enjoyed it.

Images captured with D3, 70-300AF-S VR, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

Night time at Fort Point


Last night was the evening shoot at Fort Point, which as the name suggests is an actual fort that can be gone into and explored. It is a really cool old three story structure that you can walk up onto the roof and watch not only the surfers below but the the city across the way. Unfortunately for us the structure was closed which was kind of surprising considering we scouted the place a couple days beforehand and got in. Whoops! Now what……  To the beach! Yep i walked down the wharf looking around trying to find an image that was more engaging for my taste, plus i just liked the walk. I went underneath the pier and saw this scene, well i immediately liked it but it wasn’t until i got back to the computer did i realize that the fog was a necessary element. It increases the spookiness of the overall look and feel of the image. Otherwise it looks just like a sewage line.


There was a point where i had to turn around, i couldn’t keep walking i would eventually run out of light; so i turned back and arrived in good time for the bridge’s lights to be turned on and the water to light up. This is one of the few occasions where it was good to turn on vivid to bring out the color in the sky, bridge and lights. Now i wasn’t the only one shooting it you can see Moose’s, Laurie’s, Kevin’s, and Joe’s shot of this lovely bridge.

Images captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

Old Faces in New places


For years now i have been lucky enough to be apart of my parents workshop’s. One of the great things about them is they always wanted to include my brother and myself with everything that they could, school permitting. As we got older that inevitably got harder to do. When we got to college it became an even greater challenge, but the members of DLWS are family. DLWS has been going on for seven years now and they keep getting better as time goes on. Being there back towards the start at Banff when i didn’t have a blog and seeing this change has been not only comical at times, but inspiring and moving. Last night we kicked off San Francisco DLWS with presentations and this morning was our first shoot at Fort Baker. It was a typical morning, very windy, fog rolled in heavy so there wasn’t much light bouncing in and the bridge was still standing.


The shot of the bridge i tried at many different apertures trying to get the right look, i most have been rusty or just slow cuz i couldn’t get the one i liked. Might have been just the overwhelming feeling of being around forty photographers shooting the same thing and trying to get something different. Of course the simple realization is that every click is different even though the bridge in every shot is the same. Hmm, first morning more to come. As the sun rose the reddish glow moved off of the horizon and the bridge’s lights turned off, we knew we would have to find new subject matters to work with. Thankfully there were small pockets of blue sky and light coming through the appearing yuck of San Fransisco gray clouds. These small beauties are all that’s needed to make one more click before going to breakfast.

Images captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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