Snow Patterns

Mother Nature can surprise us with some pretty unbelievable possibilities. They don’t always get noticed, in fact this is a great example of one that my friend would’ve stepped on. Freshly fallen snow is good for a number of different compositions including patterns. I love finding those patterns because it’s natures way of creating an abstract. When it comes to the photograph there’s nothing to it. This was taken with the Nikon 1 V3. Just a quick click but a good reminder of what’s out there.

The White Christmas

You know it’s funny the things that you think about where you grow up and the things that you don’t think about. Since I have always lived in the mountains I never thought about those iconic white Christmas days. For me either there was snow or there wasn’t. Most of the time there was. It wasn’t a really big deal. It wasn’t until i got older that I learned that some people really enjoy those white Christmas’s and don’t always get them. Well I can’t make it snow but here is a nice snowy picture to enjoy.


Winter through the Canyon

Since I was in Africa throughout October I never got a chance to photograph Fall. Well I certainly will have plenty of time to photograph Winter as we already have a bunch of good storms going through. Driving down to Mammoth Lakes for Thanksgiving gave me plenty of time as it had just snowed through Madison Canyon.


Fresh snow is one of the best times to be photographing Winter. Everything is crisper, the trees are all covered, and usually the addition of warm temperatures after a cold frost can bring out some truly dramatic skies.


Shooting with the D4 and 24-70 AF-S f/2.8 a couple of quick shots from a fishing pullout along the Madison tells the story of the Winter storm.

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