In Honor of Veterans Day

A lot has happened this week with the election on Tuesday and the news that has shocked and shaken this country. It will take time to accept what has happened and move forward but it is important that we all do. Today marks a very important day that I hope will not get lost this week. Today is Veterans Day. Today we honor all those living and past that have served this country in any conflict to protect our freedoms. I have spent much time around WWII vets and it always amazes me how humble they are when they say, “I was just doing my job.” It is an important job and not one to be taken lightly. If you see a veteran today be sure to stop and say thanks.


Honoring Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. A day that everyone should be thankful for those that helped make these country what it is and the sacrifice they gave. I’ve had the great fortune of the years to have met and talked with many vets, while most of them fought in WWII they all had the same message. “That was our job, it needed to be done, but I’m glad it ended.” A soldier lives a different kind of life, one that most of us can’t understand. If you see a vet today make sure you say thanks. It’s the least you can do for them considering what they have done for us.




Veterans Day

Today we celebrate all those that helped to make this country what it is today. They protect our freedoms and way of life. If you’re out today or any day really, and happen to see one of these servicemen or women, stop, say “hello” and thank them for what they have done.



Honoring Veterans Day

It never quite seems enough, spending just one day honoring those that have served this country. Ever since I started working with planes, especially warbirds, it seems I have a better appreciation than ever for those soldiers. It’s got to be all those stories. Although officially it was yesterday today is considered the Federal Holiday so it seemed appropriate to do one for both days.

Happy Veterans Day, we honor those that are with us still and those that are not.

Veterans Day

I don’t usually blog on Sunday but today is a very special day. Today is one of the few days dedicated solely to honoring those that have fought for our country. It’s the least we can to take some time today and say thanks for those brave men and women.

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day

This country was built and continues to grow thanks to those with the courage to stand up for what they believe in. Through voice, demonstrations and shear might we push forward foraging a better future for our kids. Thank You to all that continue to fight for us, those that protect our borders and to those that died for this nation. Thank You.

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