I Found a New Barn!

That’s right I found a new barn! Okay it’s not earth shattering news but for me it’s kind of exciting, for a couple of reasons. First off I love photographing barns. Each one tells a different story and they are an iconic symbol of the west. They symbolize settling down in a new area and making the most of the land. That’s why I love composing with as much open area around each barn as I can. Second this is a barn I could work, which is important because many I can’t.


Now this barn, while it has character, had a couple of challenges. The biggest being that it was on the corner of a busy intersection. Great place to be standing and shooting right? I got a lot of looks that afternoon. It was worth it. But it did make for some challenging compositions because there was so much town that I really didn’t want in the background. One shot simply wasn’t enough to get the real background that was needed.

Click on Image to see it bigger.

The answer was a two image Pano. Now you might be asking why not just go wider? Well for two reason. First this was shot at 24mm and with that road behind me, I couldn’t back up. Second, if I did go wider that would bring in more sky which was boring at that point. All of these little details I was thinking about when I was making those clicks and it’s what you need to do too. Now I mentioned the sky not being great, which means I’m not super thrilled with this image. It could be better. But now I know where the barn is so I can go back, which is another important lesson.

Images Captured with Nikon D4, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

From Warm to Cold in a Heart beat

Snow can be so deceptive. I love it! Working with snow can be as great a challenge as working with light. It just keeps changing. With the tiniest amount of direct light it becomes so bright that you can’t look at it but then as soon as that light disappears it becomes dark. Such a fun challenge to work with.


We’ve had some beautiful sunsets in the Gallatin Valley, many of which I didn’t have my camera present, but some I did. This one wasn’t the best but the speed in which it changed from being warm enough to have an open coat, to zipped up and gloves on was mere minutes. Feeling it was one thing capturing it was another.


Just up in one of my favorite retreats with the D4 and 24-70 AF-S, nothing much but simple clicks that show just how fast everything changes. What was fun to watch was how fast the light on the snow changed with the light in the sky. That’s why I love snow.

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