National Aviation Day

It’s great that no matter how old you get you can always learn something new. For instance, after all these years of blogging about aviation I didn’t know that August 19th is officially National Aviation Day. The holiday was created in 1939 by President Roosevelt who decreed this holiday in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. Orville went on to live nine more years after this holiday was created. Now it is up to the sitting US President to declare the holiday each year but since I enjoy history I figure why not celebrate it anyways.


Trying to come up with one great photograph that sums up the day wasn’t easy so I figured put up one with a lot of planes in it. Naturally my mind went to the Smithsonian.



Then I started thinking about the first flight and the Wright Brothers. I don’t have any shots of the glider or of Kitty Hawk, NC but Wright Field in Dayton, OH would suffice just the same. This is where the the first air shipment was made back in 1910. Amazing how far we have come since then.

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